December 21, 2014   


This site is dedicated to the alumni who have graduated from Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies, located in Reseda, California.

If you are a SOCES alumni, you can add or update your information by clicking on the "Add Your Info" or "Update Your Info" links under "Your Info" in the menu above.

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The SOCES Alumni Home Page has received a complete overhaul. The message board is finally up and running after being down for too long, there are now RSS feeds for the recent additions and updates so you can see who is using the site without having to check it frequently, and the photos section has a sleeker interface. I also sifted through the links section and deleted links to alumni homepages that no longer exist.

If you have any recent photos of SOCES, please send them my way so I can update the ones on the site. If you have any thoughts or comments, please let me know by emailing me at or posting a message in the website feedback section of the message board.

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Recent Additions

1.  Pesha Perlsweig
2.  Erin Cox
3.  Robert Lozano
4.  Reilly Sheffield
5.  Negede Tadesse
7.  Madison Tran
8.  Nicholas Judy
9.  Sheila Ahoraian
10.  Marianne Chilingaryan
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Recent Updates

1.  Louis Geller
2.  Jeff Gross
3.  Jeanetta Mason
4.  Jeremie Stokes
5.  Cheval Ford
6.  Gabriel Axarlian
7.  Michael Kaufmann
8.  Paige Kennedy
9.  Syreeta Danley
10.  Jessica Coronel
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